Highlights 2018

2018 has been a very slow year as far as this blog is concerned.  This is probably one of the years with the least number of postings that I made but fortunately there are still a lot of great things that act as silver lining to an otherwise jaded year.  Here are my highlights for 2018:

Here are my year’s highlights…

Visita Iglesia

My first highlight is one tradition that I have kept since I started running: doing church visits during lent or simply the Visita Iglesia.  Despite doing practically the same route every year, each year presents something new that keeps it worthwhile to share in this blog.  But more than the story, it’s mostly about my spirituality and reconnecting my soul to my faith.  The kilometers covered and the calories burned are just bonuses.

Inside San Sebastian Church (Basílica Menor de San Sebastián), one of the most picturesque churches I’ve seen in the Philippines.

Century Tuna Ironman Philippines / Superbods Underpants Run

The first major sporting activity that I had for the year was the much-anticipated Century Tuna Ironman Philippines held at the Subic Bay Freeport Zone.  Every year I look forward to covering this event as I witness world-class athletes compete in our own country and this year it was extra special as we finally held our first full-distance Ironman event!  And of course, I always look forward to what I consider the “most fun” fun run in the country, the Century Tuna Underpants Run!  It’s quite interesting what some folks can come out with to create a theme for their underpants.  It’s my second year to attend and I think I was more nervous than before as I’m surrounded by folks that I know.  I wasn’t able to come up with a concept this year due to the short notice, but that’s the fun in this event—you can just show up in your underwear!

This is the look you make when you realize that you know the person behind the camera and you’re running just in your underwear!

Tri-Factor at CamSur

And the excitement spilled over the following week further south with my coverage of the Tri-Factor event at CamSur Watersports Compex (CWC).  It is a triathlon event that is catered primarily for first timers so for a person like me who has never done and but hopes to do so one day, this event is very inspiring.  I actually got to meet numerous athletes who did their first ever triathlon that day!  It also served as a bonding day for me with my other co-bloggers.

Making more memories in this place…

Coron, Palawan

Later this year, I finally got to bring out my board shorts and trunks again for some vitamin sea as I got to return to one of the “world’s best islands”—Palawan!  This time, I went to one of the most popular spots in the province, the town of Coron.  Here, I’ve seen unbelievable wonders and did a lot of firsts including swimming in deep, open waters (with life vest of course!).  I still have some unfinished agenda here so I hope to be back soon!

Coron is simply one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen!  Don’t just take my words for it, see for yourself!

US East Coast

And finally before the year ended, I was able to use my passport on a long-haul trip to the US East Coast.  This is why I completed my procrastination with my blog post about last year’s visit as there’s a new one that came!  I haven’t posted anything about it here on this blog but I did some posts on social media while I was away.  I was able to visit some historic sites and explored one of my most favorite parks in the world!  I probably won’t be able to do any posts about it until January though.

If you follow me on social media, you may already know where I went but for those who don’t, I’ll keep it a secret for now. 😀

I may not have been as busy online as I usually do in 2018, but what lacked in quantity was made up for by quality.  I can’t even make a “best nine” list this year but the new places I’ve visited, people that I met, and experiences that I did (some for the first time) made this year another one for the books.  Hopefully, yours too!

May we all have a safe Holidays and an even better 2019!  Happy New Year in advance and I hope you keep supporting my blog again next year!

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