Apple Chronicles: Boston

The next stop on our tour of the East Coast is Boston, the capital of the state of Massachusetts.  It is one of the oldest municipalities in the United States and site of various historical events in the country.

The Arlington Street Church, one of the first buildings we saw upon arrival in Boston.

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We arrived in the city proper around 5:30AM.  And as it’s too early for us to check in into our hotel, we decided to start our tour outright.  Our first stop, Harvard.  Yes, the Harvard University.

The Memorial Church inside Harvard University.

Harvard is huge!  It’s practically an entire town with lots of interesting buildings in and around it.  At times, I felt like being in a different time in a different world!  There’s just so much to see and so many grounds to cover that you’d get a good exercise out of roaming around.

Inside Harvard, just looking around.
The brick buildings make it look like you’re in a different era.
Standing in front of the Harry Elkins Widener Memorial Library (in case you can’t read the building sign :D).
The statue of John Harvard, founder of the University I’m standing on.  For whatever reasons, they say you should touch the statue’s shoe when you visit (see how shiny it is compared to the rest?).
I guess now I can say that I went to Harvard 😀
The Old Cambridge Baptist Church, just outside of the campus premises.
This impressive building is called the Sanders Theatre.

By the time we got tired of walking, our room was ready so we went back to downtown to check in into our hotel.  We picked our hotel because of its proximity to the city’s historic sites.

Our home for this trip, Hyatt Regency Boston.

After having a good meal around the area, we we’re off again to tour on foot.  As Boston is a historic city, they made it easier for visitors like myself to have their own tour, anytime, without needing a guide by having “The Freedom Trail” markers on the pavement.  You just need to follow these and it will lead you all throughout the notable sites in the city.

Follow road markers like these and you should be able to create a tour for yourself.
The Massachusetts State House, is the state capitol and seat of government of Massachusetts.
Just around the State House, you’re taken back in time with these well-preserved brick buildings.

As touring on foot is exhausting, heading towards Faneuil Hall was an excellent idea to recharge and get our stomachs full.

Samuel Adams statue fronting the area of Faneuil Hall.
As Boston is near the sea, expect a lot of seafood including lobsters!
And when in Boston, better get their famous lobster roll!

Quincy Market.  A great spot for eating, shopping, and people watching.

The following day, the runner in me came out of hiding and miraculously motivated me to get out and run!  I normally am not able to squeeze a run in a short trip as the itinerary is usually tight, so the realist in me did not bother packing any running attire—suitable for the weather at least!  Unlike in the Philippines where you can just get out and run in whatever clothes you’re wearing, the temperature that morning in Boston is 2°c—not exactly a shorts and singlet day (at least for me that grew up in the tropics).  And so, I just wore whatever clothes I can run comfortably in without being too warm nor too cold, and that I’m willing to soak in sweat, never to be worn again for the rest of the trip.

Not exactly the running attire I wanted, not exactly that warm, not even windproof, but it does the trick with the help of thermal underpants!

And I was so glad I did get out for a run that morning!  Boston has a lot of waterfront areas with great views along the way.

First part of my route, inside Boston Common.
I just can’t help but appreciate how beautiful this park is.

I ran from our hotel to the nearby Charles River Esplanade, got across to the other side, and back via Boston Common.

Heading towards the esplanade.
By the river.  I wouldn’t mind lounging on those chairs to spend a lazy afternoon.
As the trail runs along the river, I’d have to be very cautious to keep an eye for ducks crossing (and avoid being chased, in case that’s their thing).
Part of the trail that runs over the river and underneath this bridge.

The runner in me was just overjoyed with finding such a beautiful playground!  On the flip side though, I was extremely envious as I don’t have anything close back home.

More than half an hour later, I was on my way back and it lead me to this beautiful rows of houses that looked like they belong in a movie.
Boston Massacre/Crispus Attucks Memorial was the end point of my morning run.

It took me a bit longer than I planned (both distance and time-wise) as I admired the sceneries and avoided the ducks.  I covered almost 13K that morning.

I discovered on my way back to the hotel that there’s a Five Guys nearby, so it was a delightful breakfast for me!

The rest of the day was spent touring around the places we have yet visited.

The Old State House, nicely preserved and now surrounded by skyscrapers.
The Granary Burying Ground, the final resting place for many notable Revolutionary War-era patriots.  One of the last places we visited in Boston.

* * *

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